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Naturally WILD works for the environment by providing native Minnesota wildflowers and grasses and other garden plants that are grown using only natural, sustainable, nonchemical methods.

We encourage creation and restoration of any size prairie, woodland, and wildlife habitat with native plants, using organic methods without introducing synthetic chemicals or herbicides into the environment.

Native plants are perfect for attracting a wide variety of wildlife and creating a habitat that provides food and shelter for them.

We grow most of our own plants and participate in the Minnesota Grown program. Owner is an individual member of Wild Ones Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, and is active in other environmental groups.

We recycle and reuse all possible materials, including paper and discarded cardboard flats. We compost our waste plant material. We are now using coconut fiber pots that can be planted directly in the ground, eliminating plastic waste.
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Naturally WILD

Native Minnesota Wildflowers
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Naturally WILD

Native Minnesota Wildflowers for
Prairies, Woodlands and Rain Gardens